New Modern Farmhouse Office Space Update

Friday Favorites, Office Space + Master Bedroom Plans

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Master Bedroom Plans

Happy Friday! Last week I officially signed up for the One Room Challenge! The One Room Challenge is when a group of bloggers offer a supportive forum while transforming a room. This will be my first time participating and I am excited and a bit anxious about it! Although, other then basically having a timeline and needing to do a weekly blog post, it will be like every other project we do around here!

The room that I am planning on updating for the One Room Challenge is our Master Bedroom! I am already in the planning stages for the room and plan to do this as budget-friendly as possible! And I will share more on this topic as the dates get closer!

New Office Space

Another area in our master bedroom I have been working on sprucing up, is the dormer window area. When we built our home, I didn’t know what this area was going to be used for. I thought maybe a sitting area but since beginning this blog, I have been wanting an office space that I can disappear to for an hour if needed. And this space was perfect for it!

future modern boho farmhouse office space

I used a vintage writing desk that I had previously painted, found a vintage chair that matched perfectly and repainted a wood three-drawer file cabinet.

While I am on a budget for making this space, and it isn’t quite completed to my liking, it is functional and so I am going to have to wait until this quarantine is over before adding a few more details to my little office!

Modern Boho Office Space
Modern boho Farmhouse Office Space Update

Friday Favorites

One thing I am going to try to do is do a little Friday Favorites every week. This section will be any items that I am favoriting for the week!

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  • Survivor on CBS – We have started rewatching the old seasons of Survivor and we are really enjoying it!
  • Painting! It relaxes me and I truly enjoy doing it! This week I have painted the 3 drawer file cabinet and it brought me such joy to see it transform!
  • Step 2 Activity Gym – This gym has been a lifesaver during this quarantine and when the weather has been not very nice outside. This kids love to play on this for hours!
  • Candles! They are so good smelling and offer such a cozy feeling in our home!
  • My family and our home. I have a lot to be grateful for, and I don’t ever want to take it for granted. 💗

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