Organize Kids Crafts and Games

Organizing Kids Crafts in a Small Cabinet

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How to Organize Craft Supplies in a Small Space

how to organize kids crafts in a small space

Organizing kids crafts and games was my initial goal for this project. The goal quickly changed to figure out a way to organize the kid’s crafts and games that they would actually be able to keep “clean”.

Is this an easy or realistic goal? To be honest, probably not!

Let’s face it, I may just be going through the cabinet again in a few months pulling out the half colored pages and throwing them out.

All of this done, of course when they are not around (so they don’t actually realize you are getting rid of their masterpieces 😂)

But, I really wanted to try a different organization system that may just help with my sanity a little tiny bit.

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Messy Craft Supplies

Okay, first step was emptying the cabinet. This involved lots of half colored papers, broken crayons, and missing puzzle pieces.

before picture of kids crafts and games

But, once I got through that mess, it was actually quite easy to put things in stacks and organize quickly.

I tossed all of the items that were broken, colored on, all the unorganized puzzle pieces, and anything that did not have a “home”.

semi organized kids crafts

This is what I have realized while organizing the kids craft supplies, LESS IS MORE.

They do not need every latest and greatest marker and coloring system. They are very content and happy with have some working markers and some clean pages.

Organizing Containers for Crafts and Games

Clearly the system I was “using” (and I say this very loosely) was not working. While the bag system was great for holding pieces together, they do not stack. The kids could not zip the bags closed. And they look like a wrinkled mess all the time.

Plus, the kids would start leaving them around the house and that drove me crazy! I try to teach our kids to put away something before pulling another out. But, please note the word TRY 😂

So after asking on Instagram for what others used, I went to Amazon and ordered some clear containers. THESE CONTAINERS have lids that are attached, (hoping for no missing lids).

organize kids games in small cabinet

I will also get THESE CONTAINERS for some of the puzzles and games.

Organizing kids crafts on a budget

Favorite Children Crafts and Games

Coloring is one of the most requested activities in our house. The kids can color for a good chunk of time, and love being able to hang their pictures on the refrigerator for everyone to see.

Here is a small list of some of our children’s favorite games and puzzles also.

I have kept things at a minimum, to avoid extra clutter and be able to keep the cabinet clean. Because most kids don’t enjoy cleaning up, but by keeping options small (can always switch out for other games and puzzles later) keeps the space manageable for mom and kids!

How to organize Kids Crafts

Do you have a different type of space to organize? Here is a great article giving ideas on organizing in different spaces!

Shop the Post – Organizing Kids Crafts

How to keep children’s games and crafts organized and clutter-free.

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