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    Easy Spinach Artichoke Dip

    Today I am Going to Share How to Make Easy Spinach Artichoke Dip A favorite appetizer during the holidays is this spinach artichoke dip recipe. This hot spinach dip is the perfect appetizer for any holiday party! The first time I hosted Thanksgiving, my brother-in-law asked me if I was going to make that good spinach dip. And while I wasn’t planning on it, (but because the only single brother-in-law asked), it has quickly become a staple at all of the family gatherings! One thing I really like about this easy appetizer is that you can make it ahead of…

  • DIY fluted kitchen cabinets
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    Add Character to Your Cabinets

    Today I want to share how add some texture to your cabinet doors. I want to share how I took the broken glass cabinet fronts in the RV and gave them a modern, boho update that adds character to your cabinets! When we purchased the Class C Motorhome, one of the glass fronts on the cabinets was already cracked. We tried breaking it out, but that was not quite working. So when I painted the cabinets, I decided to paint the glass fronts and started brainstorming what I was going to do with them from there. I loved the look…

  • how to get rid of rotten meat smell

    How to Get Rid of Odors in Your Freezer

    Today I am going to share how to get rid of the rotton meat smell in your freezer. If you are reading this post because you need to know how to get rid of odors in your freezer, I just want to say – I have been there, I know the feeling you are having, and I hope this blog post can help you! Why we Needed to Clean our Freezer First, I need to share my story (Hello! This is a blog 😉) We purchased a brand new freezer this fall in preparation for pork that we were going…

  • Fall decor inspiration

    Rustic and Simple Fall Decor

    Today I am Sharing Rustic and Simple Fall Decor in My Home! This weekend we have been homebound with some kiddos that have not been feeling the best. And so I took advantage of being home and finally pulled out the Fall Decor! Because I haven’t been able to get any fall decor out before October, I decided to use simple fall decorations this year. The first thing I used was the natural, dried florals. I feel as though the dried florals just have the perfect Fall vibe. I happened to have some on hand from a garage sale this…

  • Recover RV Couch with hot glue and fabric
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    How to Recover RV Couch

    How to Reupholster RV Couch Using Hot Glue When we decided to remodel our Class C Motorhome, I had no idea what I was going to do with the RV Couch. I knew that I wanted to recover the RV couch, but I had no idea where to start! After scouring Pinterest (and not finding very many tutorials), I decided to try recovering the camper sofa myself and doing what I do best, winging it. Choosing Fabric for Recovering RV Couch The first thing you want to do before buying fabric for this project is to measure the length of…

  • homemade apple cider pictured with knit pumpkins and yellow mug
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    Homemade Apple Cider

    How to Make Apple Cider at Home We had a great apple year in the apple orchard. And great apples mean great homemade apple cider! When we purchased our property, we didn’t even know all the hidden gems that we would find on our 40 acres! And one of those gems was lots of apple trees! But because it was so grown in, we really haven’t had excellent apples until this year. A couple of years ago, Jason was able to clear out most of the extra brush and trimmed the apple trees. And last year we did not have…