Playroom Organization

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The playroom. Such a love – hate relationship for me. I have this idea of Instagram worthy playroom pictures with everything put away so nicely and organized for the kids to play with. And then reality hits! 😂And since it is tis’ the season to be organizing, here are a few things that caught my eye while I was looking for our playroom! Here are some playroom organization things that caught my eye when looking!

Playroom – Toy Storage

Toy storage is a tricky thing. There are so many cute baskets, but we need something that will withhold the test of kids! Here are a few options that I am contemplating for our toy room!

Playroom Organization - Toy Storage
  1. White Toy Chest – no top | 2. White Toy Chest with Top | 3. Double Bin Storage | 4. Cotton Rope Bin – Tan & White | 5. Bin & Shelf Floor Cabinet | 6. Dark Blue Rope Baskets x2 | 7. Toy Organizer and Bin Storage | 8. Little Hippo Rope Baskets x3 | 9. XXXL Rope Bin with handle

Playroom – Book Storage

Playroom Organization for books! I love the idea of having something that attaches to the wall. Stays out of the way, but the kids can pick out a book themselves!

Playroom Organization - Book Storage
  1. Natural Wood Book Organizer x2 |2. White Floating Shelves x2 |3. Children’s Traditional Book Shelf | 4. White Book Storage Shelf | 5. Floating Book Shelves – Wood x4 |6. Floating Book Shelves – White x4

Playroom Decor

Playroom decor can go so many different ways! Here are a few things that caught my eye, and I would love to DIY a few! Stay tuned for future DIYs!

Playroom organization - Decor
  1. Growth Chart Ruler | 2. Toddler Picnic Table | 3. Alphabet & Number Decor | 4. Playroom Rules Sign | 5. World Map Rug | 6. Rainbow Cushion | 7. Wooden Hanger | 8. Floor Cushion

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