Top 5 Must Haves – Doing Projects with Kids

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Doing projects with kids around can be exhausting and not very productive at times! We built our house with a toddler and newborn, and since it was during a time when we where saving every penny possible, babysitters were not always an option.

So here are a few tips and tricks that I found worked when trying to get something done with the kids around.

  • A baby monitor! Nap times are your golden hour (or two)! And if you have a space to go that is you can do your project and not wake your baby that is key! I have this version of a baby monitor here. This is another option with a video screen that has great reviews, here.
  • Ear Muffs. Ear muffs are an excellent way to use the saw, hammer, etc. and not startle your child. These are the ones that I have for our kids, they do work very well! Here is a link for the ear muffs. We still use these with our kids being a little older!
  • A basket of toys. Favorite toys, coloring, any activity that will keep them occupied and safe while you are working on a project is key! I also keep toys that they can play with only when we are working on projects. I painted our three bedrooms while having the kids around – and while this was not an easy (or fast) task, but having an assortment of toys was very key!
  • Okay, this is one item that was totally key for my baby. He did need to be big enough for this stage, but we used this multiple times a day, and he was very content in it. This Sit and Stand Entertainer is similar to the one we have. The link is here.
  • Snacks and a drink! These two items usually gave me an extra 30 minutes to get a little more painting done! A fed baby is usually a happy baby! And these are the types of water bottles that my kids have used. The link is here.

And a bonus item!

An infant carrier or baby wrap – it may be necessary to have the baby on you while doing projects!

Prime Example – my husband needed help when it came to placing the doors in the house. And of course our baby was not too keen on the noise or being away from mama. And so here is proof that it is possible!

I have used the Lillebaby carrier for both of our babies – you can find that here.

Well, those are my top five and bonus item must haves for working on a project with kids.

And I am just stating the obvious (I think) that breaks will be needed! My kiddos could only go for so long before needing a break! Or needing something more substantial than pretzels for a snack 🙂

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