Weekly Projects + Friday Favs

Projects of the Week + Friday Favs

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Happy Friday!

We have had another week of being home, and if you saw on Instagram, I am feeling like I am going a little bonkers. To be honest, I don’t even know why! I am a major homebody to begin with, and we have been home a lot this past Winter with sick kids. But, I think it is the knowing that I can’t just go wonder the aisles of Walmart, that makes me go a little bit crazy. The joys of living in a small town with no Target ☺️But I had fun planting my propagating pothos this week!

Propagating Pothos

One thing I have been wanting to add to our home is more plants. Real plants, not faux plants. Last spring I added a pothos plant, snake plant, and spider plant. And while I have a list of plants that I would love to get, being home is detering me from moving forward with that.

But, my pothos plant has really thrived in the past year! So I was able to take a few trimmings a couple of months ago, and they have been propagating in water. This week I decided it was time to plant a few of those stems in pots!

weekly project - planting containers for propagating plants

I used pots that I had on hand, the biggest one is from Walmart, and the other two (smaller ones) are from Dollar Tree. My plan is to get some cute planters once I can go shopping at a TJ Maxx! Or Target, or any store for that matter!

weekly project - Propagating Pothos

The pot is filled 3/4 way with potting soil, added the stems (with roots already started) and filled the pots the rest of the way. I then gave them a good water and have been checking every day to make sure I don’t have to give more water.

Weekly Project - Planted Pothos Stems

I still have three stems that are in the process of propagating, and once those have roots long enough I will plant them in soil too. Now I am just hoping that the pothos plants take to the soil and grow to healthy plants! But I will keep you updated on how they do!

Here is a cute propagating station if you are interested in propagating any plants. You can find that HERE.

Weekly Project – Painting Project

I talked on Instagram about a toddler bed that I have plans to paint and use for our baby (over two years old!) This is the weekly project that I happened to work on this week. I will do a full tutorial on it next week, but wanted to give you a quick peak of how the bed looks before 3 coats of paint gave it a much sleeker look!

Before - Painting Project

Friday Favorites

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  • I just bought this tripod for my camera, and so I am excited to try it out and learn more tips and tricks on how to use a DSLR! You can find the tripod HERE.
  • My favorite Dry Shampoo!
  • Draping Succulents are perfect for Spring!
  • My Portable Cell Phone Charger! This comes in handy a lot more than you would think! You can find it HERE.
  • A Balance Bike for the kids! They spend hours in the basement riding their bikes when it is too cold/wet/muddy for them outside! You can find that HERE.

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I hope you enjoyed this Weekly Project Update and Friday Favorites!