• Linen and Logs - Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor
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    Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor

    It is week seven for the One Room Challenge! Next week is the reveal week, and there are so many decor decisions that I need to finish up. My goal with doing the One Room Challenge in our Master Bedroom was to create a space that I loved seeing when I walked in, and it provided functionality for our lives. I have so many ideas for master bedroom decor, yet my budget is dwindling quickly! But before I share some budget-friendly bedroom decor options, here is the list of things I wanted to accomplish for this challenge. I may have…

  • Linen and Logs - Rustic Wood Headboards
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    Rustic Wood Headboards Round Up

    Happy Friday! I wanted to do a little round up after my tutorial on DIY Wood Headboard, of rustic headboards. The project that we did took a lot of steps and may not be great for a beginner – but I found some excellent budget friendly rustic wood headboards that I wanted to share! Since the headboard is finished for our One Room Challenge, I am excited to be able to start working on painting our nightstands and dressers for a new look. One thing I have realized while doing the One Room Challenge, is that quite a few people…

  • Farmhouse Style Planters
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    Farmhouse Style Planters

    Tis’ the season for plants, flowers and new farmhouse style planters! I don’t know what is more exciting about this, the plants or the planters? I am having so much fun adding to our plant collection in our home. But to be honest, I am actually needing more space to put my plants in a place that the kids won’t knock them over or get into them. I have some fun new spaces to add plants in my new office space and the laundry room. And along with indoor plants, I am looking forward to getting some outdoor plants and…

  • Playroom Organization
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    Playroom Organization

    This post contains affiliate links. I may get a commission if you buy through my links at no extra cost to you. You can see my full disclaimer for more details. The playroom. Such a love – hate relationship for me. I have this idea of Instagram worthy playroom pictures with everything put away so nicely and organized for the kids to play with. And then reality hits! 😂And since it is tis’ the season to be organizing, here are a few things that caught my eye while I was looking for our playroom! Here are some playroom organization things that…

  • Budget Friendly Pillows
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    Budget Friendly Pillows and Covers

    This post contains affiliate links. I may get a commission if you buy through my links at no extra cost to you. You can see my full disclaimer for more details. I am dreaming of Spring here and that includes fresh flowers from the grocery store and updating the throw pillows and covers to match the season! So I have found some cute and budget friendly pillow covers and pillows for you to enjoy too! Pillow Covers Pom Pom Pillow Cover| Boho Linen Pillow Cover Velvet Pillow Cover | Boho Tassel Pillow Cover Pink Cotton Canvas Cover | Diamond Pink Cotton…

  • Toddler gift guide, puzzles, games, play, learn, books
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    Toddler Gift Guide: Ages 2-5

    Two toddlers in the house and self-quarantined. Help Please!! But! I have had a few tricks up my sleeve this past week that the kids have had very little TV time. So here is a mini toddler gift guide of our favorite puzzles, games, books, play and more! I also want to note – we either have previously owned or currently own these items (or equivalent) in our own home, OR the kids have played at a friend’s/cousins/grandparents home. These are tried and true items that my kids love to play with. This post contains affiliate links. I may get…