Linen and Logs - Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor

Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor

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It is week seven for the One Room Challenge! Next week is the reveal week, and there are so many decor decisions that I need to finish up. My goal with doing the One Room Challenge in our Master Bedroom was to create a space that I loved seeing when I walked in, and it provided functionality for our lives. I have so many ideas for master bedroom decor, yet my budget is dwindling quickly!

But before I share some budget-friendly bedroom decor options, here is the list of things I wanted to accomplish for this challenge. I may have missed a thing or two, but this is still a substantial list.

  • paint feature wall – done
  • design and make a headboard – done
  • put a rug in the bedroom – done
  • paint nightstands – done
  • refinish dressers – done
  • hang shelf by office space – done
  • purchase new bedding – out of the budget
  • bring in vintage decor – in progress
  • paint a picture for over the bed – in progress
  • complete office space so it can be used – in progress
  • new bedside lights – need to do
  • curtains – need to do
  • blinds – out of the budget
  • hang hooks – need to do
  • paint chest at end of the bed – I haven’t decided what to do with this yet
  • shop house for decor – in progress


While on the hunt for some inspiration for the artwork over the bed, I found I was very drawn to vintage style botanical prints. This is not a surprise to me, as I have loved the look of these for a long time!

But first, this Landscape artwork caught my eye, and would look so good against the dark green wall!

Here are a few options that I found that you may be interested in. And let me tell you, if my budget was a little bit bigger for this project, I would have most definitely been purchasing something! I found so many that I loved!

Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor

I also looked on Etsy, because lets be honest, there are always so many cute things on Etsy! So here are some prints that you are able to download yourself and have printed. You just need to get a frame and display! This is a great budget-friendly option for artwork.

And here are a few options that caught my eye that are prints.


Alright, curtains. Our bedroom has always been lowest priority, because I haven’t really thought about the finishing touches. But with summer here again, and the afternoon sun beaming very strongly into the room, we need something to help protect from the heat!

So first, these are the curtain rods that I will most likely be going with. They are budget-friendly, and I can get them from our local Walmart.

Here is a set of blackout curtains that may work very well in our bedroom.

And these faux linen blackout curtains that would look beautiful in any bedroom!

And here are few options that I found at Target.


This rolling laundry hamper would be perfect for hiding all the dirties. Or for storing some extra blankets or pillow. And it is a lot cuter than my plastic basket from Walmart!

And this vintage style metal garment rack would be perfect for a bedroom without much closet space. We have a walk-in closet in our room, that someday will be a big DIY to finish up, but not on the agenda for this summer.

Affordable Storage Baskets Roundup

And here are some affordable storage baskets that would be perfect for any space.

Keep you eye out for next week’s reveal post for the Master Bedroom! I am excited to finish up and share all of the projects with you!

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