Farmhouse Style Planters

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Tis’ the season for plants, flowers and new farmhouse style planters! I don’t know what is more exciting about this, the plants or the planters? I am having so much fun adding to our plant collection in our home. But to be honest, I am actually needing more space to put my plants in a place that the kids won’t knock them over or get into them. I have some fun new spaces to add plants in my new office space and the laundry room.

And along with indoor plants, I am looking forward to getting some outdoor plants and flowers going! And to make it even better, we have had sun for the latter part of the week and the snowbanks are melting very quickly! This is actually major cause for celebration! I can see my one little garden area near the Sauna, although I am not going to be clearing it out until I know that the frosts are done! I am really hoping for my hydrangea bush to produce big time this year. Anyway, here are some great farmhouse style planters I found at Walmart and Target this season!

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Walmart Farmhouse Style Planters

Walmart Farmhouse Style Planters

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You can find the Walmart Planters Here!

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Target Farmhouse Style Planters

Target Farmhouse style Planters

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You can find them here!

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If you have some planters at home that are not quite your style anymore or need a little refresh, you can update them with some paint! I shared in THIS POST HERE how I updated some old planters to fit our home style!

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