Rustic Farmhouse Spring Decor + Friday Favs

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Hello! Happy Friday!

It has been an odd week around the Linen & Logs home this week. Feelings of un-motivation, unsureness, and trying to act as everything is normal for the kids. So after a little cleaning, and updating the spring decor in our rustic farmhouse kitchen, we had a little change of pace!

vintage cabinet and playroom

But I have gotten some much needed cleaning done this week! The floor was finally scrubbed clean, interior side of the windows washed, the exterior cracks of the house got caulked (hopefully this will decrease in the number of flies bouncing around this house!), and laundry. So much laundry this week!

I wanted to share some of my favorite cleaning products that I use around the house. I try to use toxic-free cleaning supplies as much as possible. Although the Clorox Wipes have been in full force to help with disinfecting all the things!

Cleaning Floors & Windows

My favorite product to use to clean our hardwood floors is the Norwex Floor Mop! I love using this wet mop because I don’t have to use any chemicals to clean the floor, it just uses hot water. I have used hardwood floor cleaners in the past, and I don’t like the smell and they leave my floor feeling sticky!

My favorite product to use to wash the windows is the Norwex EnviroCloth and Window Cloth. I love using these clothes because it only uses water and leaves my windows streak-free! We have almost 25 windows in our home, and so that means a lot of window cleaning! So that makes me love these clothes even more because it is so much more budget friendly in the long run! Plus the clothes disinfect the windows!

Spring Touches

Okay, moving on from cleaning! I also was able to add a few Spring touches to the kitchen this week! I like to keep the kitchen decorating at a minimum. Mainly because my kitchen is not very large, so I want to keep the countertops as clutter free as possible!

But I have added a few touches of tulips, greenery, and the herb botanical prints are bringing out the Spring Touches! And of course candles! The perfect touch of rustic farmhouse spring decor!

White Kitchen with stencil painted kitchen island with spring decor
white kitchen with painted kitchen island and spring decor
log home kitchen with white cabinets and green kitchen island

You can check out how I DIY’ed the kitchen island in this POST!

And if your kids are going a little stir crazy, check out my gift guide for toddlers HERE!

If you are looking for some Affordable Amazon Spring Decor – Check out this Post HERE!

Friday Favorites

Check out my favorites for this week! Cleaning, Candles, Projects, and Coffee! Basically everything that explains me!

This post contains affiliate links. I may get a commission if you buy through my links at no extra cost to you. You can see my full disclaimer for more details.

  • Norwex Floor Mop System
  • Norwex EnviroCloth and Window Cloth
  • Kanda Candles! I love how these candles smell and the scent fills the whole house!
  • Ear Muffs – We have been working on few projects this week for the One Room Challenge, and the kids stole my ear muffs! So I ordered another pair for me, and they were on sale! Go check them out!
  • Coffee Pot – I love my coffee! But I feel this week has been a week for needing extra cups during the day! We love this coffee pot because you can make a whole pot or single serve, it takes K-Cups, and is programmable for the morning!

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