• indoor seed starting tray with indoor grow light
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    Preparing for First Vegetable Garden

    We are preparing for our first vegetable-raised, container bed garden this year.  Well, technically I had a very small, raised bed garden a few years ago in Rubbermaid bins. But it didn’t work out so well, so I am looking forward to preparing for our first vegetable garden this year. So, this year I am calling this our first vegetable garden. I have been learning all the things about gardening. While I am learning and soaking in all the gardening information, the snow is still coming down here in Upper Michigan in March.  I sort of feel as though it…

  • Linen and Logs - Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor
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    Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor

    It is week seven for the One Room Challenge! Next week is the reveal week, and there are so many decor decisions that I need to finish up. My goal with doing the One Room Challenge in our Master Bedroom was to create a space that I loved seeing when I walked in, and it provided functionality for our lives. I have so many ideas for master bedroom decor, yet my budget is dwindling quickly! But before I share some budget-friendly bedroom decor options, here is the list of things I wanted to accomplish for this challenge. I may have…