• Linen and Logs Painting for Beginners
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    Painting Furniture for Beginners

    Painting Furniture for beginners. Do you have a piece of furniture that has seen its better days but you are not ready to get rid of it? Paint is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to update a piece! So I want to share my process that I follow when preparing and painting furniture. Supplies Needed Cleaning Solution Rag or lint free cloth Bucket/ Water Sandpaper (80-120 grit) Paintbrush Primer (if needed) Paint Sealant (If Needed) Step One: Clean the piece of furniture. Scrub off the dirt, grime and dust. I don’t like to waste my sandpaper on dirt and…

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    DIY Coffee Coasters

    Hello! I decided to try an oldie but goodie DIY to update my Christmas coffee coasters (Yes, I am fully aware that it is March! 😂) Supplies Needed: 4×4 Ceramic Tiles (I found mine at a thrift store for 0.25 a piece) Scrapbook paper (You can buy single sheets from a craft store) Modge Podge Foam Brush Ruler Scissors Pencil Felt or felt pads Glue if not using felt pads Tutorial: Clean the Ceramic Tiles. I used Isopropyl Alcohol to ensure they were disinfected, but you can use soap and water too. Measure Scrapbook paper to measure 4 inches x…

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    Small Space Refresh

    This was a project that started out as a one step project that extended to many steps! My exact thoughts were ‘I think I am going to use those Floor Pops on the basement landing’. A week later, we are finally done with the refresh! Have you ever had projects like that? I enjoyed doing this little refresh, and it looks like our basement is all put together when you open the door! (Don’t let that fool you! The basement is still the home to majority of the DIY projects with sawdust and tools!) Here are a few before photos…

  • How to Stencil a Kitchen Island
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    How to DIY your Kitchen Island

    DIY Kitchen Island. Your kitchen island can either make or break the functionality of the kitchen. That being said, it can also be as expensive or as budget-friendly as you can make it. Use this tutorial to DIY a kitchen island and give it a makeover! Our kitchen island is a re-purposed china cabinet. It was purchased from the local Restore for $75 many years ago. And until we moved into our home, I had no plans of painting it. Just to note – we added the butcher block counter top to the base. This has given us more counter…