Painting the Vintage Cabinet

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Today I am sharing how I updated my vintage pie safe by painting the inside a different color. I choose to take my white cabinet and paint the inside green! I wanted to paint the interior of the cupboard to give a contrast to the white dishes that I like to store in this cabinet.

Linen and Logs - Painting a Vintage Cabinet

Why would I paint an already all-white vintage cabinet? I am pretty sure there were plenty of people wondering what in the world I was thinking! And actually, I had multiple people telling me to not paint the inside of the cabinet! Okay, but here is the thing, I had a vision. And I had to try painting the vintage cabinet. If it hadn’t worked out, I would have just repainted it!

Painting a White Cabinet to Green Interior

So here is the thing. When we moved into our home, I wanted all neutrals. The wood (obviously since we live in a log home) and the whites. But, after living in our home for over a year, I have slowly been bringing in the colors!

So I am telling you! It is okay to bring color into your home! Whether it is a bright pop of color or more of a neutral pop of color – Go For It!! The best thing about painting is that if you don’t like it, change it!

Alright, so I recently painted this vintage pie safe cabinet! We found this cabinet in the old homestead that was on our property when we purchased our land. And all I did was clean it up when it was first brought into our home.

As you can see, it is a beautiful piece. But with the decor that I wanted to add inside the cabinet, it was not popping as I had in mind.

Insert – Fusion Mineral Paint that came up with the best color options, and doesn’t have 500 choices to choose from! I have used this paint on multiple projects throughout our home, and I love how it goes on smoothly and the color options are perfectly selected! (and a little secret – you can mix colors to get a color that may be better suited for your space!)

Alright, so I choose to use FMP – Lichen for this project. A couple of different reasons for this. First, I love the color! I actually painted my kitchen island this color – and you can see that project here.

Second – I had leftover paint from the kitchen island, so painting the cabinet was at no extra cost to me! win-win!

I did two very good coats of paint on the inside of the cabinet – and did a very spotty third coat to cover some of the stubborn spots. I do want to note that I did not get perfectly in every corner and crack. This is a vintage cabinet, and I didn’t feel the need for perfect coverage.

I then put 2 coats of paint on the shelves and allowed them to dry before placing them back into the cabinet.

painted vintage modern farmhouse cabinet

Okay, so here is the thing! I like bigger projects that take a few days to complete. BUT, my real love is in the smaller projects that show a quick result in a short amount of time! I hope you find your own vintage cabinet to paint or transform into your own.

white cabinet with green interior - in dining room
how to paint a vintage cabinet
two toned painted furniture

I hope you add a little color to your home! Big or little!

If you want to see more of my projects, check out how I used paint to transform my kitchen island! You can see that project HERE!

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