• Fall decor inspiration

    Rustic and Simple Fall Decor

    Today I am Sharing Rustic and Simple Fall Decor in My Home! This weekend we have been homebound with some kiddos that have not been feeling the best. And so I took advantage of being home and finally pulled out the Fall Decor! Because I haven’t been able to get any fall decor out before October, I decided to use simple fall decorations this year. The first thing I used was the natural, dried florals. I feel as though the dried florals just have the perfect Fall vibe. I happened to have some on hand from a garage sale this…

  • homemade apple cider pictured with knit pumpkins and yellow mug
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    Homemade Apple Cider

    How to Make Apple Cider at Home We had a great apple year in the apple orchard. And great apples mean great homemade apple cider! When we purchased our property, we didn’t even know all the hidden gems that we would find on our 40 acres! And one of those gems was lots of apple trees! But because it was so grown in, we really haven’t had excellent apples until this year. A couple of years ago, Jason was able to clear out most of the extra brush and trimmed the apple trees. And last year we did not have…

  • Camping Checklist for Families
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    Camping Checklist

    All You Need: Camping Checklist Camping is our number one summer to-do every year. And while camping can be an absolute blast, the packing portion of it can be quite a hassle (and time-consuming!) But, after trying to remember all the necessities year after year, I have developed this very extensive camping checklist that I use for every trip. This camping checklist is ideal for the family that is camping in the RV. I also find it easier to keep certain items in our camper all year long instead of taking things from our home. This saves me on packing…

  • Painting Tips for Beginners

    Painting Tips for Beginners

    Painting Tips for the DIYer The first time I held a paintbrush, I knew it was meant to be! Well, not really, but I have loved transforming pieces of furniture, enjoyed painting artwork (still need lots of practice!), and don’t necessarily hate painting walls. While I am definitely not a painting expert (although what really makes you an expert these days?), I do have some experience with painting. And I have gathered a few painting tips and tricks that I wanted to share with you today! These are tried and true tips that I use almost every time I am…

  • 5 tips for a cozy bedroom

    5 Budget-Friendly Ways for a Cozy Bedroom

    Warm and Cozy Bedroom Ideas What makes a bedroom cozy to you? Is it the color scheme? Or the bedding and pillows? Or maybe it is the rug? Everyone has a different idea of what makes a bedroom cozy to them. I want to share my top five budget-friendly ways to make a cozy bedroom. Cozy Bedding and Throws The first thing I think about in a cozy bedroom is the bedding. A fluffy comforter with a fuzzy blanket, comfortable sheets, and a heated mattress pad. And of course some top notch pillows to make your sleep the best it…

  • Organize Kids Crafts and Games

    Organizing Kids Crafts in a Small Cabinet

    How to Organize Craft Supplies in a Small Space Organizing kids crafts and games was my initial goal for this project. The goal quickly changed to figure out a way to organize the kid’s crafts and games that they would actually be able to keep “clean”. Is this an easy or realistic goal? To be honest, probably not! Let’s face it, I may just be going through the cabinet again in a few months pulling out the half colored pages and throwing them out. All of this done, of course when they are not around (so they don’t actually realize…