• how to make a Christmas Evergreen Garland
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    How to Make a Fresh Christmas Evergreen Garland

    How to Make a Fresh Garland in 5 Easy Steps A fresh evergreen Christmas garland is one of the easiest ways (In my opinion!!) to bring a fun Christmas cheer into your home on a budget. I love how the garland smells, and since garlands can be pretty spendy, it is quite satisfying to get a great looking garland for next to nothing! Cut Evergreen Branches First step is to go and cut the branches. The types of evergreen branches that seem to work the best are the soft pine and cedar branches. You can also add any faux stems…

  • Wooden Christmas Trees
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    Wood Christmas Tree

    How to Make a Scrap Wood Christmas Tree Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Worx, but all opinions are my own. This time every year, I start thinking about Christmas Decor.  I start looking on Pinterest and Instagram and see all of these beautiful Christmas Trees, and while I have purchased a few of my own, I have always wanted something that is a little more unique to our home style!   And I love Christmas Trees as much as the next person!  BUT… I don’t want my house to look like everyone else’s.  Because who does? So my mind…

  • Best Homemade Sloppy Joes Ever!
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    Best Homemade Sloppy Joes Ever

    Is there a recipe out there, that no matter when or how you make it, everyone enjoys? For me, it is my Homemade Sloppy Joes! These babies are delicious and have such good flavor! This recipe has been tweaked multiple times until I felt that is was perfect. Cooking for me is a way to feel relaxed, which is actually how I feel when I am painting furniture too! So, finding a recipe that I can do from heart, and to be honest, I don’t need to measure (I put measurements for those who need them!) is very relaxing to…

  • Linen and Logs - Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor
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    Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor

    It is week seven for the One Room Challenge! Next week is the reveal week, and there are so many decor decisions that I need to finish up. My goal with doing the One Room Challenge in our Master Bedroom was to create a space that I loved seeing when I walked in, and it provided functionality for our lives. I have so many ideas for master bedroom decor, yet my budget is dwindling quickly! But before I share some budget-friendly bedroom decor options, here is the list of things I wanted to accomplish for this challenge. I may have…

  • Laundry Room Decor Ideas - Linen and Logs
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    Laundry Room Decor Ideas – Part 2

    The never-ending saga of the Laundry Room Refresh!  This room took much longer to do a refresh than I anticipated.  But I think I say that every time.  In the Laundry Room Refresh Part 1 blog post, I shared painting the laundry room cabinets, stenciling the wall, and painting the handles and other odds and ends.  In this second part, I will be sharing laundry room decor ideas including painting decor, making the shelf, and a few goodies that I have been waiting to use in the Laundry Room! I may get a commission for qualifying purchases.   You can…

  • One Room Challenge - Refinished Mid Century Dresser
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    Refinishing Mid-Century Dresser

    Today I am going to show you How to Refinish a Mid-Century Dresser It is over halfway for the One Room Challenge! This week’s project included the refinishing of our mid-century dresser and chest, and it has been so much fun even if it has made our bedroom basically an absolute disaster! I have been putting of the refinishing of these dressers for mainly one reason. The excuse to hold off on pulling all of our clothing out of the drawers. But, all joking aside, the refinishing part has been a lot of fun, using new techniques, painting with chalk…