before reno picture of class a motorhome with old flooring, wood cabinets

Sun Voyager Gulfstream Motorhome Project

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Last summer we purchased a 1992 Sun Voyager Gulfstream Class A Motorhome. We purchased the RV knowing we had a very big project on our hands. But we got it for a deal and it had a diesel Cummins engine (apparently this is a good thing 😆). This is a project that we are very excited to get started on!

exterior of gulfstream motorhome and picture of kitchenette area of class a motorhome

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Why Renovate a Motorhome?

Campers and especially motorhomes can be very expensive. When we purchased our first motorhome, we purchased it at a great price, fixed it up, and sold it making a profit. So we want to do that again!

And the honest truth is we can’t afford our dream motorhome! So, we purchased something that we could afford and are planning to renovate it to fit our style and our budget.

exterior of class a motorhome

We bought a 1992 Sun Voyager Gulfstream Class A Motorhome after finding it on FB Marketplace. We knew as soon as we walked into the motorhome that it had water damage and the roof needed to be replaced ASAP to prevent more damage.

The previous owners said that the roof had been resealed in the past, but clearly not very well. As there were large sections of the rubber roofing missing when we got home with the motorhome. Thankfully, Jason (my husband) was able to remove the old roofing and replace the rotting plywood and rubber roofing.

rotten roof on motorhome

The Project List for Sun Voyager Gulfstream Motorhome

  • New roof
  • Replace flooring in entire motorhome
  • New walls/ wall treatments
  • Fix rotting walls in front of motorhome
  • Add window near passenger seat
  • New lighting to update the look
  • Replace captain chairs
  • Recover rv couch
  • Paint cabinets
  • New (or used) RV Refrigerator and freezer
  • Replace shower – to make more functional
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Remove cabinets in bedroom – and add open shelving
  • Clean stains out of carpeted ceiling
  • Replace RV mattress – already purchased
  • Add window treatments
  • Update radio and back up camera
  • Maybe update the exterior???
  • and I am sure more will be added!

Plan for Motorhome Project

This is the mood board or project plan for the Sun Voyager Gulfstream Class A Motorhome. I am planning for light, neutral wall color and a pop of color on the cabinets to brighten up the space.

Motorhome mood board

We want light flooring to make the motorhome feel bigger and a neutral tweed color for the couch to hold up to traveling with kids.

I am going to recover the couch with upholstery fabric that I purchased from I am going to use the same process as I did before in the last motorhome that we remodeled. Learn how to recover an RV Sofa HERE.

The bathroom needs a complete gut job and will need a new shower to make the space more functional.

The bedroom area has a lot of cabinets and drawers that are not very functional, and to be honest – extremely difficult to walk around! Especially in the middle of the night holding a crying baby 😂. So the plan is to take those out and put in open shelving.

interior view of motorhome living space and drivers area.
kitchen area in rv motorhome
kitchenette area of motorhome rv
bedroom area of motorhome rv
bedroom in motorhome

I hope you stick around for the rest of the project! And while I know there will be a few surprises, I really hope they are not extremely expensive!

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One Comment

  • Steven

    I purchased a 1994 sunvoyager last year at a good price with the intent of doing many upgrades also. I took the MH on a 1500 mile round trip from California to Utah in middle of summer in 120deg heat and we made it, and made a big check list. Sofar I have upgraded the electrical to 50amp service, added a Victron inverter system with 600ah agm house battery system. I can now run both A/C units at same time from shore power. Will be replacing roof with a pvc membrane in next few weeks and repairing some wall damage from a leaking roof or window, not sure what the source of leak is yet but will address both.
    Good luck and if you have any questions I would be happy to help, I have been doing lots of research.

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