Add Character to Your Cabinets

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Today I want to share how add some texture to your cabinet doors.

I want to share how I took the broken glass cabinet fronts in the RV and gave them a modern, boho update that adds character to your cabinets!

add texture to your kitchen cabinets

When we purchased the Class C Motorhome, one of the glass fronts on the cabinets was already cracked. We tried breaking it out, but that was not quite working. So when I painted the cabinets, I decided to paint the glass fronts and started brainstorming what I was going to do with them from there.

I loved the look of the fluted door fronts but wanted to make this project as budget-friendly as possible. I also saw some tutorials for using dowels but knew that I wanted something that went a little quicker.

This is the joy of having a baby while doing DIY!

BEFORE - adding texture to kitchen cabinets
BEFORE - adding texture to rv cabinets

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How to Update Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget

While there were so many directions I could have taken to add character to the cabinet fronts, I ended up purchasing an inexpensive BAMBOO TABLE RUNNER.

Other things I looked at for the cabinets included fabric, curtains, placemats, table runners, and more. You can use any type of coverage that you find and like!

Here are a few more options that I found like the above bamboo table runner

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Supplies Used to Add Character to Your Cabinets






Utility Knife

Measuring Tape or Ruler

supplies to update your cabinet fronts

Step One – Measuring the Cabinet Fronts

I should actually start step one with painting. And priming. I primed and painted the cabinets – and you can see the BLOG POST HERE.

But the real first step is measuring the cabinet fronts. I want the pieces of the BAMBOO TABLE RUNNER to fit perfectly in the space.

Step Two – Preparing the Table Runner

With this particular table runner, I cut with a utility knife. I then had to super glue the threads so they don’t unravel on the pieces of bamboo sticks.

After the superglue dries, I make sure the piece fits into place.

Cutting Table Runner with Utility Knife
superglue threads on table runner

Step Three – Adding the Character to Your Cabinets

After doing a dry fit, I then added wood glue to the cabinet fronts and placed the piece of the table runner.

I also did this to the fabric pieces on the cabinets. This really added more texture to the space!

wood glue on cabinets
diy fluted cabinets
adding character to rv
bamboo cabinet fronts
diy cabinet update

I hope this inspires you to add a little character to your kitchen!

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Add Texture to Cabinet Doors

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  1. How has the wood glue held up when the RV is parked and gets heated up, or freezes?
    We don’t live in ours, but travel regularly.

    1. We actually sold this motorhome a year later, but after that first winter there were no issues with the wood glue.

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