DIY Hoop Christmas Wreath

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Today I am going to show you How to Make a DIY Hoop Christmas Wreath.

This Christmas Season gives me all of the feelings to create some new Simple Christmas Decor. A Hoop Christmas Wreath seemed to be the perfect way to add a little simplicity to the Christmas Cheer around the house.

close picture of christmas hoop wreath with red bow and in action shot of hot gluing cedar branches to embroidery hoop

To make this wreath, I am going to use the supplies that I am surrounded with. And that is live tree branches. One of the many plus sides to living in Northern MI! Lots and lots of selection of pine and cedar trees.

I am going to use an embroidery hoop to make this Christmas Wreath. I am excited to see how this DIY wreath comes together. I love being able to make DIY Christmas decor because you can change up your home decor every year if you so choose to.

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Supplies for Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath

Embroidery Hoop

Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun

Floral Wire

Greenery Branches – I am using real branches, but you can use faux branches also

Red Bows

hoop wreath supplies - cedar branches, red bow, ribbon, pine cones

Making a Hoop Holiday Wreath

The first thing I did was to cut a few branches from the desired trees. Because there are so many directions to take, I choose to go with Cedar branches because they last longer and stay greener than pine branches.

cedar branches and embroidery hoop

After cutting, I soaked the branches for the DIY wreath in water for about a day. I wanted to make sure that the branches soaked up as much as they could before using them.

After the soaking, I cut the branches to the desired length.

close up picture of cutting cedar branches

Using the hot glue I started to fasten the cut branches to the embroidery hoop. I layered the branches one at a time until I got the look I was going for.

hot gluing cedar branches to embroidery hoop

Once I got my desired fullness, I attached the bow using the same hot glue.

Attaching red bow to embroidery hoop wreath
adding branches to embroidery hoop wreath

I love how simple yet festive this hoop Christmas wreath turned out to be.

Embroidery hoop wreath with cedar branches + red bow hanging on white door
embroidery hoop wreath with cedar branches + red bow on black door

And if I choose to leave it up after the holidays, I can refresh the branches and use a different color ribbon to make it a Winter Wreath!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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