Small Space Refresh

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This was a project that started out as a one step project that extended to many steps! My exact thoughts were ‘I think I am going to use those Floor Pops on the basement landing’. A week later, we are finally done with the refresh!

Have you ever had projects like that? I enjoyed doing this little refresh, and it looks like our basement is all put together when you open the door! (Don’t let that fool you! The basement is still the home to majority of the DIY projects with sawdust and tools!)

Here are a few before photos – the basement landing acts as an overflow storage space for the kitchen, and a broom closet of sorts. So I wanted to make it look cute, but functional – on a major budget!

I started by asking on Instagram what color I should paint the bottom portion of the wall – Black or White. There was an overwhelming answer for black. And I appreciated the feedback, but choose to go with white. I wanted the wall to extend all the way to the floor, and for the floor to have the opportunity to be a the focal point of the space.

So I started by priming and painting the bottom portion of the wall (these are actually the main beam for the house). I used Kilz 2 Primer and the paint is from our local Ace Hardware Store in the color Linen from Clark & Kensington.

I did one coat of primer, and two coats of paint – and it really brightened up the space.

After painting the beams – I wanted to paint these cabinets.

Little backstory on these cabinets – We purchased 40+ cabinets from our local Habitat for Humanity Restore for $200. Our original plan for the cabinets was to refinish them and use them in our kitchen. Clearly, we choose not to go this route, and have used these cabinets in our laundry room, the basement landing space, and in the basement for storage.

And so as you know, I like to use Fusion Mineral Paint! BUT.. I do not like to waste the paint! So I mixed the last little bits of paint from 4 different colors to custom make the color that I painted these cabinets! (The colors I used was Bayberry + Lichen + Coal Black + Champlain. Just to note that the amounts were not noted due to such small amounts. The main color was Bayberry)

After all the paint was dry – I was ready to be done for the day! But, since I had other obligations the next day, I wanted to get the project as close to finished as I could!

I then began to lay out the Floor Pops tile squares. I purchased these tiles at Joanne Fabrics and when I originally purchased the boxes, I had planned to tile the back splash in the kitchen. Since that did not happen, I lucked out when I had the correct amount of tiles for the small basement landing. The link for the Floor Pops in the style Comet is HERE.

To get an updated look on the handles, I painted the Fusion Mineral Paint – Coal Black.

After two coats of paint on the handles, I let them dry for the shortest time possible so I could get them back on the cabinets. Not necessarily recommended, but I was excited to the project completed and decorated!

I am so proud of this project! It is the first refresh project that I have completed from start to finish! I love how the Floor Pops turned out – they were perfect for this small space refresh! The fresh paint brightened up the space and now when I open the basement door, I love what I see!

And the best part of project was the cost! The project was completed around $30. All I had to purchase was the wall mount peg rack and floor pops! It was a great little project on a budget!

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Floor Pops – Comet

Wall Mount Peg Rack

Kilz 2 Primer

Short Handle 2 Inch Paintbrush

Long Handle 2 Inch Paintbrush

Black Sharpie Marker

Utility Knife

Framing Square

Tape Measure

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