How to Paint Planter Pots

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Painted Planter Pots - Linen and Logs

I needed a quick painting project last week to burn some of the creative energy that I had, but not wanting to invest in a huge project. I think you may know what I am talking about? And so, I pulled out some old planters and some paint and make my own painted planter pots!

I took some old planters that I have had for many years and a few cheap planters from Dollar Tree and Walmart that I wanted to update and decided to paint the planters. I went to Pinterest for painted planter ideas, and found a ton of boho – farmhouse – modern painted planters pots that I loved! And I decided to recreate some of that inspiration.


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Find your inspiration! Whether it is outside, inside, Pinterest, or another social media, a store’s website, etc. You can find inspiration out of anything that you find inspiring.

Choose your paint color or colors and have ready. I recommend using two to three colors to keep the pots cohesive. You can then use these colors interchangeably throughout your planter pots.

Paint Colors

  1. Fusion Mineral Paint – Sacred Sage
  2. Mix of Waverly Chalk Paint in Mineral and Cashew with a little Sacred Sage mixed in.
  3. Fusion Mineral Paint – Coal Black (which I did not end up using)
Painting Planter Pots - Linen and Logs

I first painted the base coat of paint. I used 2 coats of paint for the base coat. One color was used as the based coat, while the second color was used for accent. And I went over the accent color twice to ensure a good coverage.

painting planter pots
Painting planter pots

Pot #1: Wrapped a piece of tape around the planter about half way – and painted the second color.

Pot #2: Painted a boho vibe on the pot

Pot#3: Painted different length horizontal lines the entire pot.

Pot #4: I left the one color – I liked the neutral look and wanted to use as is.

The planters were then finished with a coat of polycrylic and allowed to dry. I then filled the planters with indoor plants and faux plants.

Here are a few inexpensive planters that you can paint to make your own.

Enjoy! I am still learning on how to care for plants, so while I can’t give you any tips, I am encouraging you to try! Or, if you are not wanting too, bring some faux plants into your home to add greenery. Here are a few great starter plants for those who are willing to learn!

If you are looking for some farmhouse style planters, check out this post here!

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