Dark Green Rustic Modern Kitchen Island

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I am excited to finally be able to share our new dark green kitchen island! I have been wanting a change in our kitchen for a while. Upgrading our kitchen island was the perfect way to create a rustic modern kitchen style that I had been looking for.

dark green kitchen island with butcher block countertop and white cabinets in kitchen

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Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

Our previous kitchen island was always a temporary solution. The cabinet was the lower portion of a hutch with a wood butcher block countertop attached. A few years ago, I painted the cabinet green and stenciled the back portion of it for a farmhouse kitchen look.

green kitchen island with words stenciled on back in a white kitchen cabinets with wood countertop
green cabinet with wood counter near white cabinets with white counter

You can see the blog post on the STENCILED KITCHEN ISLAND HERE.

As I said, the cabinet was always a temporary solution. I really wanted drawers for storage and a home for the garbage can. The original plan was that we were going to build our kitchen island, but the opportunity came up that my brother Justin started a cabinet-making side business.

You can check his business out HERE – JWN WOODWORKING.

So I realize that I may have the family advantage, but one thing I loved about working with Justin, he communicated about everything. He sent email updates about building the kitchen island and made sure to have the details that I wanted.

Kitchen Island Design

A simple frame design on the back portion for the island added a modern element to our rustic kitchen.

dark green cabinet with framed back

I also choose to match the front of the cabinets with our existing cabinets in the kitchen.

dark green cabinet with drawers and wood countertop
three open drawers on dark green cabinet
open garbage cabinet and drawers on dark green kitchen island cabinet

How to Choose a Paint Color for the Kitchen Island

Because I could not decided on a paint color, I painted the cabinet myself at home. This also included the hardest part of the project – choosing a paint color!

A little tip on choosing colors – using PINTEREST! Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration and find out what colors you may actually like.

I knew I wanted to go with a dark green. And finally decided on a Benjamin Moore Color – Vintage Vogue 462. I went to our local Ace Hardware and purchased the paint in a satin finish. You can also get samples of paint for inexpensive, but I choose not to do this for this project. To be honest, I rarely get samples of paint. I prefer to keep my projects as budget-friendly as possible. And purchasing samples can get really spendy very quickly!

dark green cabinet with wood countertop with white kitchen cabinets
green kitchen island with wood countertop in a rustic kitchen with white cabinets and white countertops
dark green kitchen island with butcher block counter with white cabinets and white counters in a kitchen

Using a good paintbrush and small foam roller is how I primed and painted the kitchen island. I did multiple coats of paint and love how it came out. Sadly, I did not take any pictures of this portion of the project. The painting was mainly done during nap time and I wanted to get it done as quickly as possible.

I am very happy with how the dark green kitchen island. It added a modern element in our white kitchen cabinets rustic kitchen.

I would love if you followed me over on PINTEREST for more inspiration!


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