Painting Wicker Furniture with a Brush

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I am going to show you an easy tutorial on how to paint wicker furniture with a paintbrush.

I found a wicker couch at a local Restore for a steal of a deal! But of course, the wicker couch definitely needed a fresh coat of paint.

Because here is the thing! I do not really like to use spray paint. There is always an overspray, and it actually takes a lot of paint to get good coverage! And in my experience, it really does not hold up to outdoor weather.

And, I don’t have a paint sprayer! So I wanted to try painting with a paintbrush to see how it turned out.

How to Paint a Wicker Couch

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Prepping a Wicker Couch for Painting

After storing the wick couch in the basement for most of the winter and spring, I finally hauled it outside and gave a good scrub down with a mixture of Liquid TSP and hot water. I used a scrub brush and made sure to wear gloves to protect my hands.

Painted Wicker Furniture
painted wicker furniture

After giving the wicker couch a good rinse, I primed the couch using a chip brush and Kilz-2 Primer.

primed wicker couch

Update 2 years later – I wish I would have done a second coat of primer on the wicker sofa to try and get some of the splotchy paint spots smoother before starting to paint!

Painting Wicker Furniture using a Paintbrush

I then used this craft paintbrush and painted two coats of exterior paint on the entire wicker couch. I did two even coats, and although I painted as evenly as possible, I think a paint sprayer would have given it a much more even look.

I also think I should have used THIS PAINTBRUSH instead, as it would have given a more even coverage.

painting wicker couch

Cleaning the Wicker Couch Cushions

After painting the couch, I cleaned the cushions. While I am sure there are better ways of doing this, I just used a scrub brush with dish soap and sprayed off using the garden hose. I let the cushions dry in the sun, and then replaced them on the couch!

Cleaned couch cushions

Overall, I am very happy with how the couch turned out! It is much more comfortable than lawn chairs, and we can enjoy sitting outside. (When it isn’t 95 degrees outside!)

Protecting Cushions

I used this Scotchgard Heavy Duty Watershield on the cushions and pillows to help keep them protected from the weather. Even though this area is under a covered porch, I wanted to make sure I didn’t end up with moldy pillows!

I lightly sprayed two coats of spray evenly on the cushions and pillow covers and allowed to dry!

weather guarding cushions
painted wicker furniture
how to paint wicker furniture
Painted Wicker Couch

What Kind of Paint Do I Use on Wicker Furniture?

I used latex exterior paint on this wicker couch. I got a quart of paint from our local Ace Hardware, and I am very happy with how the paint has held up.

Would I Recommend Using a Paintbrush on Wicker Furniture?

This is a two-part question – yes if that is the only way you have to paint the furniture. I wish I would have had a paint sprayer to apply the exterior paint because I think there would have been a much more even coat of paint.

Update 2022 – I got a paint sprayer for Christmas this past year, and I think I am going to repaint the wicker sofa to see if I can get the paint to be more even.

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