DIY Wood Headboard

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Today I am going to share how we made our DIY Headboard using leftover hardwood flooring.

how to make a diy headboard from hardwood flooring

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We are on Week Three of the One Room Challenge! The original plans for the Master Bedroom Refresh included a DIY fabric headboard. And then after seeing inspiration from multiple vertical slat walls and rustic wood headboards, I wanted to create our own version of a DIY rustic wood headboard.

It took a drawing on graph paper, a few tweaks from the husband, the correct tools, and a pile of ready-to-use wood, we were ready to go!

Handwritten plans for headboard

Supplies Needed to Make DIY Headboard

NOTE: These are plans for a DIY Queen Wood Headboard.

Cut Wood Needed

  • (2) – 1×2″ cut to 51” long (middle long boards)
  • (2) – 1×6″ boards cut to 5 5/16” 48 inches long (two edge boards)
  • (16) – 1×2″ cut to 24” long (middle spindles)
  • (1) – 1×6″ board cut to 65 3/4″ (top shelf board)
  • (2) – 1×2″ cut to 48in – for support braces
  • (4) – 1/4-20 x 1-1/2 inch bolts (with washers and nuts) – support braces
  • Queen Bed Frame to attach

Tools Needed

Building the Frame of the Headboard

Have all boards cut to the correct length.

using hardwood flooring for diy headboard

Drill holes into the spindle boards with the kreg jig tool on either end.

make a diy headboard using hardwood flooring

Drill holes into the top and bottom support boards of the frame.

sanding diy headboard

The spindles were lightly sanded because of the rough-cut lumber. It was also easier to sand the edges of the spindles prior to putting the bed together.

wood headboard

Attach the legs of the bed to the top horizontal board.

Begin attaching the spindles (make sure the correct side of the board is facing the correct way) by gluing and screwing to the top horizontal board. The first spindle needs to be spaced 2″ from the leg of the bed.

queen headboard diy

After attaching the first spindle, you can either continue to attach the rest of them with spaces of 1″ between OR you can place the bottom horizontal board and then continue to attach the rest of the spindles.

Building the Headboard Support

When the main part of the headboard is all put together, lay the headboard so the wrong side is facing up. Attach the support boards to the outside edge of the back of the legs. Use finishing nails and wood glue to attach.

Attaching the top shelf board using wood glue and finishing nails. Use the clamps to make sure the shelf stays in place.

Finishing Touches on the DIY Headboard

After all the glue is dry, fill in all the nail holes with wood filler. Sanding the headboard can ensure there will be no snags or slivers.

Sandpaper: 80 – 120 – 320 grit sandpaper. Starting with the lowest grit and increasing to the higher grit number.

Make sure to clean the headboard throughly after sanding and prior to staining or painting. Using a microfiber cloth or Tack cloth to clean. I do not recommend using water – as this can raise the grain of your wood.

Stain wood with preferred stain – the stain used is a mixture of 1/2 Minwax Special Walnut + 1/2 Minwax Weathered Oak. The stain dried for a few hours and then a top coat of Minwax Polycrylic was brushed on.

After the headboard was completed, the headboard was lined up to the bed frame, and marks made so the holes could be drilled. Once the headboard was in place, it was bolted to the bed frame. You can then place the box spring and mattress and make the bed accordingly.

Linen and Logs DIY Wood Headboard


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